Renovation Services

Renovation Services

Islamabad Repairs! is one of the leading renovation specialists in Pakistan! So you’ve chosen to renovate and remodel your place. You may have also decided to do the task yourself; this may be because you want to add your touch to everything around the house, you want to save money, or simply because you want the satisfaction of developing the condition of your home, yourself.

 Whether you’re looking to get a budget bathroom renovation done or a total overhaul of your living space, we’ve got you covered.


Here is a list of our various popular services. Remember that there is no project that is too big or small. We can take on simply about any kind of renovation. If a project you have doesn’t match one of the services below, fill out our contact form or give us a call, and we’ll make sure you are sorted.

Kitchen Renovation;

The core of any house! A kitchen requires to be functional, vast, and attractive. We understand the needs of your household and can create an enjoyable space for you and your family. Whether you are looking for an all-white new look, a cozy farmhouse touch, a brand new set of cabinets, or anything in between, we’ve got you covered. A kitchen renovation might be just what you require to furnish things with a nice slight refresh. 

Bathroom Renovation;

The most important place in the house! Bathrooms can usually make or break a home, especially if you are looking to sell. Is your bathroom tearing down and wants repair? Do you need to bring the look to the 21st century time? How about making that beautiful vanity you viewed on Pinterest or installing some new tiles. Islamabad Repair’s team of specialists can transform any bathroom to fit your needs. It’s time to add that steam bath you’ve always wanted! (Also maybe some cooled floors to add the wow factor!) Our work has spanned from bathroom renovations on a budget to a full overhaul.

Basement Renovation;

Is your basement looking more like a storage place? Basements are a unique way to bring family and friends together or a studying place that a perfect for your library. Islamabad Repairs can transform your basement into a more useful space: a full basement suite, another living room, guest bedroom, office, home gym, recording studio, home theatre, etc… You name it, Islamabad Repairs done it. A basement renovation on a budget? No difficulty! Want to spend a bit more money in time for your basement reno? We’ve got top quality supplies and a team of artists just for you

Living Space Renovation;

The living space matches the whole home together. It’s where you rest, entertain, and unite as a family. A space with several functions needs to be done right! Whether your choice is for open-concept or an extra relaxed feel, we’ve got the experience in living space renovations to turn your living space into THE spot to be. 

                                Looking to get multiple house renovations services performed at once? Calling and bargaining with multiple contractors can be a headache and is very unnecessary stress in your life. With our vast system of certified architects and specialists, we can help handle any project you may have. Maybe it’s a basement renovation connected with a bathroom reno or something else. Or getting work done on your parking with some additional landscaping to the surroundings. Our team at Islamabad Repairs Home Renovation Services can take on any project!