About Us

The majority of Pakistanis dream to live their life in Islamabad. In Islamabad, we see people come from different cities and parts of Pakistan to live their life peacefully. But having this amount of people from all around Pakistan, different types of issues rises on daily basis like the low flow of water, drainage issue, Electrical shortage, Voltage inconstancy, Bed Repair, Carpentry problems, Curtain Installation, TV Wall Mounting, Electrical Installation and much more. We know these all mentioned issues can give you a serious headache to resolve all this immediately. 

Don’t worry at all. A team of professionals from Dubai is in Islamabad now. Yes, you heard it correctly. Dubai Repairs group of Samraa Trading Co. has started its operations in Islamabad, Pakistan. Dubai Repairs is serving Dubai with every type of service that can create an impact on human life. Our technicians are well trained and have more than many years of experience working in Dubai. Our technicians can help in every department of your home and, they will give you multiple options for your query.

Dubai Repairs has been working in Dubai for more than many years and has served thousands of customers happily. We have a piece of comprehensive knowledge about residential and commercial maintenance needs and after capturing Dubai with our high-class services we decided to expand our services to other regions. But now the question is why Dubai Repairs selected Islamabad Repairs here? So, here is the reason that after detailed research and surveys, their needs are almost the same. Islamabad Repairs’ reputation for providing and maintaining high-quality standards has created satisfied customers across the upstate of Islamabad.

We have a team of people working to make sure we are ready for you 24/7. You are grateful to contact us any time of day, even if it is not during routine business hours.

Why choose Islamabad Repairs?

Islamabad Repairs composed in that way which always give satisfaction in anyhow. Our company’s primary priority is client satisfaction and we are serving on it. But still, why does someone choose Islamabad Repairs over others?

So, here is the reason:

  • We have guaranteed the cheapest rates in the market.
  • We have the latest and advanced tools
  • Islamabad Repairs always care for its Handyman with precautionary measures.
  • We cleaned the workspace more even before.
  • Always ready up to respond to customers on time.
  • 24 hours online assistance
  • Best and prompt Emergency services